Lazarus Maze


In 1930 the Bellshire Mental Health Hospital, better known as a Institution of Horrors, opened its doors.

From the earliest days, even in the often bizarre world of mental health care what happened there was unusual. Problems that even today plague conventional mental health facilities were virtually unheard of at Bellshire. For example, whether from basic negligence, chronic staff shortages, or the natural and instinctive cleverness all maniacs possess, patients routinely manage to escape from more conventional mental health facilities (an issue that would certainly cause alarm among the general public if they knew). Yet patient escapes were simply unheard of at Bellshire and the hospital’s progress in this area was, initially at least, held up as an example of the success of their experimental treatment procedures. Sadly, when dealing with lunatics, progress in one area is all too often accompanied by setbacks in another, and thus it was with no surprise that problems were soon uncovered. In this case patients admitted with one mental condition were developing others as their treatment progressed.

In 1968, a researcher at Bellshire, Doctor Vikor Natick, made an amazing breakthrough that promised to redefine mental health treatment everywhere. The work he had begun in Germany twenty-five years before had finally yielded results: the discovery of a chemical that would allow doctors to personally experience their patient’s psychosis’s, to look into their very minds. It was called Adnauseaminitio™. At first this discovery was hailed as a breakthrough in modern medical science, and there was even talk of a Nobel prize. However, despite expectations, Doctor Natick’s patients did not get better and the enthusiasm with which his miracle discovery was initially hailed soon faded.

Despite this, Doctor Natick’s work continued for twelve more years, never quite achieving the success that had seemed just within reach.

In 1980, a fire destroyed a portion of the old facility. Raking through the burned out rubble, a firefighter uncovered some waterlogged files and, out of curiosity, glanced through them. What he saw filled him with horror. He had uncovered Doctor Natick’s private records.

An investigation revealed the rest. Doctor Natick’s work was a direct continuation of the research he had begun forty years before in Germany. His chemical allowed him to not only see his patient’s psychosis’s, it allowed him to directly interact with them in their own minds. Rather than using this medical miracle to cure his patients, he was using it to feed his own sick perversions his drug was the crowbar that he used to break into their minds, and once inside he went to work shattering their psyches and fanning the flame of their fears into raging infernos. He was a vampire, feeding off their horror, and until that fateful fire able to carry out his depravity in total security.

Doctor Viktor Natick’s medical license was revoked, and, as he had been brought to America by the United States government, this embarrassing incident was quietly disposed of.

Today, twenty-seven years later, a new Doctor has come to town and has opened a new Sanitarium. Dr. Vikor Natick's own son, Louis A. Using the records from his father's original work, he has redeveloped the chemical into a safe new version. This is an exciting time for the mental health industry. But he needs your help. He's looking for new patients.

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For our new nurses and assistants, we have some case files for your review. What you see is documentation of what these patients see in their own minds. Remember, these files are strictly confidential and password are required for some case files. Click here to view. New case files for our new patients have been added.