Lazarus Maze

Patient Case History Summaries

The following cases are for you to review. This information is not to be shared with the public. These are only a few of our most noteworthy cases. Attached to each case is images from a new mind scanner software that is used in conjunction with the Adnauseaminitio™ drug. The new hardware used with the Mindrapture™ software leaves some side effects, but none that is sever enough to worry about.


Name: Sateara (real name unknown)
Committed: 02/28/79

Presented: Arsonphobia

Analysis: Sateara has a complex fear of fire. While she fears fire she is also drawn to it. She is a ward of the state after burning down her house while her family slept. Staff must be very careful not to allow Sateara access to anything that maybe used to start fires. Many attempts have been made with drug therapy without any success. The staff recommends that Sateara be committed for the remainder of her life.

Update 06/15/80: Sateara caused a fire in her room. The fire spread through the hospital and killed 5 staff members.

Update 04/15/00: Sateara has been returned to the hospital after it's reopening.

Update 06/06/06: Clay had to be moved away from Sateara's room. On many attempts Sateara tried stab him with a candleholder. After questioning the staff about this no one knows how Sateara keeps getting such items.

Update 10/19/07: Sateara has killed her phyciatrist, Allen Brank. He was found charred on her bed. Sateara claims she didn't do it, but precautions need to be taken.


Name: Susie
Committed: 05/16/00

Presented: Thanatophobia with Verminophobia

Analysis: Susie suffers from a fear of death or dying after almost being hung by her brother as a child. She also exhibits a fear of germs that may cause her death. After many attempts of traditional psychology Susie does not show any improvement. It is the staff recommend that she be committed for the remainder of her life.

Update 10/03/07: Susie is showing signs of improvement. She is able to leave her room, but for only short periods of time. She feels most comfortable around the hospital stair case.


Name: Clay
Committed: 01/06/01

Presented: Coulrophobia

Analysis: Clay suffers from a fear of clowns. Ironically enough he perceives a clown child is trying to kill him. After several series of anti-psychotic drugs and intense therapy Clay has not shown any improvement. He is starting to show signs of becoming what he fears most. It is the recommendation of the staff that he be committed for the remainder of his life.

Update 06/07/06: Clay has been moved away from Sateara because of her violent nature towards him. Clay has been showing signs of split personalities since the attack.

Updated 05/05/07: It is clear that Clay has developed split personalities. This may be from the stress of being attacked or a problem that was in hibernation. At this point continued medication is recommended, but the side effects are limiting his ability to move around the hospital or take care of himself. 


Name: Marcus
Committed: 05/26/04

Presented: Arachnephobia

Analysis: Marcus presented an abnormal and persistent fear of spiders and their webs. He feels that spiders are always trying to put him in a cocoon. In his last session he was noted as saying, "The spider I’ve missed killing carries my body somewhere to hide in the closet. He will carefully wrap me up and then wait until I'm dead. Once I'm dead he will unwrap his dinner and feed on me all night." The staff feels that while most people with Arachnephobia can lead a somewhat normal life, Marcus is experiencing hallucinations, hold paranoid or delusional beliefs, demonstrate personality changes and exhibit disorganized thinking. The staff recommends Marcus' continued treatment.

Update 04/15/07: Marcus' fear of spiders is increasing. The spider world in his mind is growing. Two large spiders seem to dominate him.


Name: Wayne
Committed: 02/02/05

Presented: Agoraphobia

Analysis: Wayne show a fear of being in places where help might not be available, a fear of crowds, bridges, and of being outside alone. Wayne tends to be most violent to himself and other when crowds of people are near him. Systematic desensitization is the technique used to treat this disorder. Pat was asked to relax, then imagine the things that cause the anxiety, working from the least fearful to the most fearful. Graded real-life exposure has also been used with success to help people overcome their fears. This treatment has been unsuccessful thus far. The use of antianxiety and antidepressive medications are recommended to help relieve the violent tendencies. The staff recommends Wayne be committed for at least one year to observe treatment progress.

Update 10/31/05: Wayne has disappeared from the hospital. The staff is unsure how he escaped or if he actually left the hospital. Security has been informed of the situation and are on alert.

Update 06/05/07: Since finding Wayne wandering in the woods back in 2005 he has sunk into a deep withdrawal.  A small break through came today when he told his therapist a name: Alan. Did Alan let him out? or hurt him in any way? The investigation about his disappearance and what happened outside of the hospital is still open. 


Name: Britney
Committed: 02/10/06

Presented: Pediophobia

Analysis: Britney suffers from a fear of dolls. The staff or her parents do not know why this phobia came to be. Britney show signs of breathlessness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, heart palpitations, inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a sensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack when confronted with any type of doll. The staff will put Britney in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming treatment course and monitor her progress.

Update 09/14/07: In the doll world that haunts Britney a ventriloquist doll has appeared to dominate her. The symbolism of this new addition is still unknown.


Name: Butch
Committed: 06/06/06

Presented: Carnophobia

Analysis: Butch won't eat anything with meat in or around it. While being a vegan is not a mental illness issue, Butches fear go to the extent of not wanting to be touched by people because of the 'meat' and skin on people. Treatment for this disorder is very rarely successful. There is a limited amount of insight into the symptoms, and the negative consequences are often blamed on society. The staff feel treatment options are limited. Staff recommended treatment is long term insight oriented therapy, but getting Butch to commit to this treatment is a major obstacle.

Case#03-65421 (case closed)

Name: Aerial
Committed: 03/20/02

Presented: Hydrophobia

Analysis: Aerial show signs of an extreme fear of water. Aerial has been dissociative and unresponsive during her theory session. We think it due to when her sister tried to drown her while bathing her. It's the staff's recommendation that Aerial stay at the facility until she is willing to communicate.

Update: 09/30/05: Attempts to move Aerial to another facility has resulted in violent episodes of rage. No further attempts will be done.

Update 03/13/06: Died during deprivation treatment.

Case#70-67821 (case closed)

Name: Marybeth
Committed: 09/01/00

Presented: Achluophobia with Autophobia

Analysis: Marybeth suffers from a fear of being alone in the dark stemming from being locked in her cellar by her step-father. After many attempts of using deprivation chambers Marybeth shows no signs of improvement.

Update 03/03/05: The last attempt at using a deprivation chamber resulted in the death of Marybeth. A full autopsy to find the causes.

Case#11-15762 (case closed)

Name: Sophia (real name Prudence)
Committed: 12/20/00

Presented: Gerascophobia

Analysis: Sophia suffers from a fear of growing old which has trigger massive vanity complex. After a numerous suicide attempt mirrors have been removed from Sophia's room, and razors removed from her shower. More observation is needed before a final conclusion is made.

Update 10/15/05: Fear diagnosed. Electroshock theory recommended.

Update 12/03/05: Died during treatment.

Case#66-71945 (case closed)

Name: Pat
Committed: 11/22/04

Presented: Dementophobia

Analysis: Pat shows an abnormal and persistent fear of insanity. Pat continually has panic attacks that keeps him apart from loved ones and business associates. He feels all people around him are insane, and that he alone is the only person in world free of this affliction. At some point in Pat's past, there was likely an event linking insanity or becoming insane and emotional trauma. Whilst the original catalyst may have been a real-life scare of some kind, the condition can also be triggered by myriad, benign events like movies, TV, or perhaps seeing someone else experience trauma. While Pat shows signs of improvement from time to time, violent outbreaks to keep people away from him has made the staff conclude that Pat needs intense drug and electroshock therapy.

Update 12/13/05: Pat has concluded his treatments. The staff feels he is well enough to leave the hospital.

Update 12/14/05: No family will come pick up Pat. He has no where to go. The hospital has decided to employ his as a maintenance worker.

Update 10/03/07: Pat has an uncanny talent of bringing people out of their maze of madness. Over the past 2 years he has been going to school to learn phyciatrist and is starting his internship at the Bellshire.